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Conté / Reed Pen 

32 x 48 cm (including frame, outer size 60 x 45 cm) 

Signed by 'Joop van Egmond' 


Woerdense Verlaat, The Netherlands

SKU: IA248_AZ07
  • The Woerdense Verlaat is a village in the Dutch municipality of Nieuwkoop, on the edge of the Nieuwkoopse plassen (Lake area). The village originated around the lock gate in Grecht built in 1448, which was called the Woerdense Verlaat. The buildings grew in two regions: Holland and Utrecht. The Dutch part, located west of the Grecht and south of the Kollenwetering, fell under the Nieuwkoop jurisdiction. The Utrecht part north of the Kollenwetering and around the municipality was part of the jurisdiction of Wilnis, while the southern part of it belonged to the jurisdiction of Kamerik. This beautiful drawing comes with an aluminum BARTH 1125 frame (color: silver satin) and is protected with anti-reflective glass.

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