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 Acrylic on Hardboard 

 43 x 32 cm (including frame, 65 x 50 cm) 

 Signed by 'MOND' 


Riders on the beach, Katwijk, The Netherlands

SKU: OA131_AZ01
  • Riders are a frequently seen scene on the beach of Katwijk aan Zee. The fishing village and the more agricultural Katwijk aan den Rijn used to be different places. Over time, both villages have grown together. The town hall can be found in Katwijk aan de Rijn, on the border of Katwijk aan Zee. The mayor's house can be found next to the town hall on the territory of Katwijk aan Zee. A conscious decision was made to accommodate both (former) places. This artwork comes with a beautiful natural frame. It is painted in acrylic on hardboard and is protected with anti-reflective glass.

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