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Pastel / Oil Pastel

32 x 20 cm (including frame, outer size 50 x 30 cm)

Signed by 'Joop van Egmond'


Old river Rhine, Katwijk (The Netherlands)

SKU: TA211_AZ07
  • Former "Hof van Katwijk" / "Het Sand", since 1966 part of the elderly and nursing home "De Wilbert"; In the middle of the 19th century converted into a seminary under Monsignor Baron de Wyckersloot, from 1830 to 1927 training institute for the Jesuit fathers, then used by the Franciscan fathers; over the centuries repeatedly expanded, modified, demolished and destroyed (as a result of war damage) complex of considerable size. The protection concerns the long eighteen-bay wing from the 18th century with later construction on the side of and parallel to the Overrijn, executed in dark red brick above a gray natural stone plinth, with hard stone sidewalk, hard stone sidewalk posts and wrought iron railing on the street side. . This work comes with a BARTH white washed poplar wooden frame and is protected behind anti-reflective glass.

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