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 Acrylic on Hardboard 

 19 x 38 cm (including frame, 35 x 50 cm) 

 Signed by 'MOND' 


Oostburg, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen, The Netherlands

SKU: OA144_AZ07
  • Joop van Egmond (MOND) found a lot of inspiration in the Oostburg area. Oostburg is located in the middle of a sea clay landscape consisting of a patchwork of polders that are mainly used as arable areas. A number of creeks can be found in the vicinity of the town. The most important nature reserves are: Het Groote Gat east of Oostburg, De Plate near Bakkersdam south of Oostburg, and the areas De Blikken and De Reep north of the town. The areas are owned by Het Zeeuwse Landschap and are creek areas. The Plate contains creeks and an orchid-rich grassland and is owned by the noble Huis de Hemptinne. The landscape contains many remnants of the fortifications that belonged to the Passageule-Linie and the Linie van Oostburg. The artwork comes with a beautiful natural frame. It is painted in acrylic on hardboard and is protected with anti-reflective glass.

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