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Conté / Pencil 

48 x 32 cm (including frame, outer size 50 x 60 cm) 

Signed by 'Joop van Egmond' 


Area Wehl, Achterhoek, The Netherlands

SKU: IA258_AZ07
  • Wehl (Lower Franconian and Lower Saxon: Wael) is a place in the municipality of Doetinchem and located in the Gelderland region of Liemers. The name Wehl (Weel) first appears in records around the year 1200. Archaeological finds date from the 12th century. Tuff sections of the tower of the Roman Catholic Church of St. Martin date from this time. (The rest of the neo-gothic church was rebuilt by Jan Lendering in 1916.) According to an old story, Charlemagne would have stood on Hettenheuvel and looked out over the Wehl plain saying: "What A Lovely Land", where the first letters of the words form the word Wehl. This artwork comes with an aluminum BARTH 1125 frame (color silver satin) and is protected with anti-reflective glass.

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