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Acrylic on Hardboard

20 x 25 cm (including frame, 40 x 40 cm)

Signed with 'MOND'


Surrounding Beerse, Brabant, The Netherlands

SKU: OA111_AZ01
  • Beers (Brabant: Bèèrs, Baers) is a village in the Dutch municipality of Cuijk, in the northeast of the Province of North Brabant close to the left bank of the Maas. In 1922 a lower dike section was installed between Linden and Gassel, the Beerse Overlaat. This was a safety measure to regularize the frequent flooding of the Meuse. Before, the Beerse Maas ran through the bed of the Overlaat. At high water, the spillway had to divert the excess of the Maas on the left bank side through the inundation zone of the Maaskant area to the Maas north of 's-Hertogenbosch. This inundation zone was formerly called Beerse Maas and now mostly Traverse van de Beerse Overlaat. The Beerse Overlaat was closed in 1942. This artwork comes with a beautiful natural frame. It is painted in acrylic on hardboard and is protected with anti-reflective glass.

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