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Water Color 

52 x 70 cm (including frame, outer size 80 x 90 cm) 

Signed by 'MOND' 


Ilpendam, North Holland, The Netherlands

SKU: AA043_AB07
  • Ilpendam (West Frisian/Waterlands: Illiperdam) is a village in the municipality of Waterland, in the province of North Holland. Ilpendam originated in the 12th century, when a dam was built in the Ilp river. The name is derived from this. Until 1991, Ilpendam was an independent municipality. In that year, the territory was partly added to the municipality of Waterland and partly to the municipality of Landsmeer. A ferry service is maintained between Ilpendam and Landsmeer. This work of art comes with a robust BARTH 1828 aluminum interchangeable frame and is protected behind glass. Note: Photographing watercolors is very difficult. It looks like the paper is extremely bulging, but in reality this is barely visible to the naked eye.

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