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Print 7/15

49 x 37 cm (including frame, outer size 75 x 55 cm)

Signed with 'Joop van Egmond'


Fishermen at the IJsselmeer

SKU: GA151_AZ01
  • A popular subject for Joop van Egmond (MOND). The IJsselmeer fishery has existed in the Netherlands since the IJsselmeer was founded: 1932, the closure of the Zuiderzee. In the beginning with wooden botters, nowadays with steel cutters. The trap fishing is done with trap fish; Two types are used: shooting traps and large traps. The large traps are placed along the side with sticks in fixed places and the shooting traps are placed separately in the water. Trap fishermen leave the harbor at approximately 6 a.m., after which they catch up, empty and return the traps. This work of art comes with a robust aluminum Barth 1828 frame (color brown) and is protected with anti-reflective glass.

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