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Acrylic on Woodboard

40 x 50 cm (including frame) 

Signed by 'MOND' 


Hoop doet Leven, Rijnsburg (-Voorhout), The Netherlands

SKU: OA183_AB10
  • The Hoop Doet Leven polder mill is actually located in Voorhout. Originally this building was located in Rijnsburg, where it was built for the drainage of the polder Kamphuizen. The mill has an iron paddle wheel outside the mill, which is half-covered. Due to the extension of the Flora flower auction, there was no room for the mill. In 1999 the mill was therefore moved to the polder Elsgeest, where it was put into operation on 11 November 2000. The mill is now voluntarily operating the Elsgeester polder. This artwork is painted on woodboard with acrylic. It comes with a white wooden frame and protected by a layer of varnish.

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