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Water Color

45 x 65 cm (including frame, outer size 65 x 80 cm)

Signed with 'MOND'


Groot Eiland, Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (surrounding Hulst), The Netherlands

SKU: AA036_AB07
  • Groot Eiland (not to be confused with Het Eiland) is an estate and nature reserve in the municipality of Hulst in Zeeuws-Vlaanderen in the Netherlands. The estate is privately owned. Groot Eiland consists of a few agricultural lands, a house, several creeks such as De Auwel, a large forest and a small forest. The small forest lies on a piece of land that is also called the Hulster Vlak. The estate is surrounded by a dike and is connected to the city of Hulst by means of the Oude Vaart. This artwork comes with a BARTH 1828 aluminum frame and is protected with glass. Disclaimer: Photographing water colors is very difficult. It looks like the paper is extremely bumpy, but in reality it is barely visible to the naked eye.

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