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Print 4/20

45 x 31 cm (including frame, outer size 70 x 50 cm)

Signed with 'MOND'


Eeklo, Belgium

SKU: GA165_AZ01
  • In the mid-eighties, Joop van Egmond (MOND) gained so much control in the etching technique that he dared to manufacture larger plates. Eeklo is a city in the Belgian Province of East Flanders. This city has more than 21,000 inhabitants, who are called Eeklonaars. Eeklo is the capital of the administrative district of Eeklo and of the Flemish region of Meetjesland. It was granted city rights in 1240, under Johanna of Constantinople. This artwork comes with a robust aluminum BARTH 1828 frame (color brown) and is protected with anti-reflective glass.

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