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66 x 45 cm (including frame, outer size 90 x 65 cm) 

Signed by 'MOND' 


De Vlist, near Schoonhoven, The Netherlands

SKU: AA030_AB07
  • The Vlist is a small river in the Krimpenerwaard in South Holland. The Vlist runs from Schoonhoven to Haastrecht where it flows into the Hollandsche IJssel. It flows through Schoonhoven, Bonrepas, Vlist and ultimately Haastrecht. The river extends approximately ten kilometers as the crow flies. The Vlist is a peat river and was previously used as a reservoir for the polders around the river, so there were many mills for pumping the water on the banks of the river. This work of art comes with a BARTH 1828 aluminum interchangeable frame and is protected behind glass. Note: Photographing watercolors is very difficult. It looks like the paper is extremely bulging, but in reality this is barely visible to the naked eye.

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