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Print 7/15 

31 x 43 cm (including frame, outer size 50 x 70 cm) 

Signed by 'Joop van Egmond' 


The Willow

SKU: GA152_AZ01
  • A pollard willow is a willow that is cut off at a height of about 2 meters a few years after it has been planted. After that, the tree is truncated every 5-7 years by removing the newly sprouted branches. The bulge at the base of the foothills forms the bun from which the pollard willow gets its name. In order to preserve the characteristic man-made willows for the landscape, they should be trimmed regularly, which is often done by volunteers. A pollard willow can live to be about fifty years old. This artwork comes with a robust aluminum BARTH 1828 frame (color brown) and is protected with anti-reflective glass.

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