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 Acrylic on Hardboard 

 36 x 23 cm (including frame, 50 x 35 cm) 

 Signed by 'MOND' 


Province of Brabant, The Netherlands

SKU: OA117_AZ01
  • Like most of the Netherlands, Noord-Brabant is relatively flat and consists of cover sand areas, intersected by stream valleys. In the north we find the river clay areas and in the northwest we find remnants of the former Hollandveen. The large amounts of wild soils (moors and drifting sands) from the past have been largely cultivated, for example through afforestation. The work here is a preliminary study for a larger canvas in oil paint. This artwork comes with a beautiful natural frame. It is painted in acrylic on hardboard and is protected with anti-reflective glass.

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