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46 x 65 cm (including frame, outer size 65 x 80 cm) 

Signed by 'MOND' 


Alblasserwaard, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands

SKU: AA052_AB07
  • The Alblasserwaard is a Dutch region, located in the southeast of the Province of South Holland and the south of the Province of Utrecht, to the south-east of the city of Rotterdamen, to the northeast of the city of Dordrecht. It forms the southern part of the Green Heart and concerns a low-lying and predominantly sparsely populated agricultural area enclosed by rivers and canals. This artwork comes with a BARTH 1828 aluminum frame and is protected with glass. Disclaimer: Photographing water colors is very difficult. It looks like the paper is extremely bumpy, but in reality it is barely visible to the naked eye.

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