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Donation from MOND

Family location VluchtelingenWerk (Refugee Work) receives drawing and painting supplies

On Monday afternoon, February 7, the Family Location of the Netherlands Council for Refugees at the former Valkenburg Airport was pleasantly surprised with a donation by the heirs of artist Joop van Egmond (MOND). This concerns a large selection of painting and drawing materials that the artist purchased and used in his Rijnsburg studio during his lifetime.

In front of a large group of children of refugee parents, widow Alida Van Egmond-Van Beelen presented the materials to supervisor Manon Engbers and Bianca Koemans of the Time4You project. This project within the organization of the Dutch Council for Refugees focuses on self-confidence and advocacy for refugee children in central shelters.

Manon and Bianca were very pleased with the donation: “We can put these materials to good use at Time4You on Monday afternoons when we have a creative children's consultation hour. At Time4You, children aged 8 to 12 can relax, express themselves freely and creatively, strengthen self-confidence and receive support. We talk to the children here by doing something creative and that can be anything from drawing, painting to a game, and so on."

According to Manon, this is a vulnerable group: “the children who participate every week are between eight and twelve years old and sometimes live in this family location for years. They grow up there and are aware of their uncertain situation and therefore have many worries. In addition, trauma from what they experienced in the country of origin or during their flight also plays a role."

Artist Van Egmond would also have welcomed this donation. “My husband was always busy and had a heart for the community,” said Mrs. Van Egmond-Van Beelen during the presentation. “He was committed, among other things, to the preservation of greenery in the municipality of Katwijk and was closely involved in the founding of the KunstKring '88. This donation is a nice gesture. I'm sure the materials are in good hands. Who knows, one of these children will grow up to be a similar artist.”

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